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Protecting your business and reputation

The proofreading stage is a vital and important part of the document or publication production process as this is the stage at which all the tidying up and pulling together of different elements is done.

  • It is the last line of defence to stop unnoticed errors been broadcast to clients.

  • It is particularly important where there has been incomplete or no copyediting and different people with different styles have been involved in the writing.

  • A proofreader can point out errors, omissions or inconsistencies, and offer solutions.

Mistakes can be costly to put right as this BBC article highlights. As well as financial cost there is reputational damage.


There are benefits in proofreading 


Proofreading can greatly enhance the quality of your documents and publications by:

  • removing spelling, punctuation, grammar and other style errors

  • providing a check on consistency of language and tone

  • checking on word usage; for instance, using 'there' when 'their' was intended

  • creating a positive first impression to your readers

  • providing peace of mind and assurance that your document is the best that you can make it and will be understood by the readers

  • helping to protect your business or brand from damage caused by documents containing errors or confused wording

  • adding value to your business in ensuring you produce correct, concise, clear, and consistent written communications.


Not just businesses, organizations and publishers can benefit, but also clubs, societies, charities and individuals such as academics, bloggers, students and writers.


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