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Proofreading discount offer

Students get 25% off


No two jobs are the same and it would be unhelpful and misleading to publish fixed rates as the final bill would depend on several factors, such as:

  • the quality of writing and the number of errors corrected

  • the total number of words

  • use of technical language

  • references and bibliography to be checked to the main text

  • whether the document has previously been edited

  • the timescale.

I will be happy to provide a no-obligation estimate on sight of the completed document.


Payment methods

Publishers and businesses:

Bank transfer: purchase ledger payments, mobile and PC banking.

Students, academics, bloggers and writers:

PayPal:  the button link below can be used by those that have their own PayPal account.





For those that do not have their own account, please ask me for a Send money request to be forwarded to your email address and this will enable you to pay by your own debit or credit card direct to my PayPal account. You do not need your own PayPal account

I will acknowledge receipt of your payment as soon as I receive it and a receipted invoice will be sent to you on completion of proofreading and return to you of your project.

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