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See below for what is included in my proofreading for domestic UK and international students: what is excluded, and how to submit your documents to me

University rules about proofreading by third parties are usually quite specific. Please check those for your educational institution to see how they compare.

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What is usually included

Normally, according to university proofreading regulations, I am allowed to carry out the following checks and corrections:

  • checking for correct and consistent spelling; UK and US English handled

  • checking punctuation, grammar, and consistency of capitalization

  • correcting or highlighting incorrect word usage, such as "their" for "there"

  • raising queries or making suggestions on sentences that do not make sense, for instance if they cannot be eliminated by minor changes to punctuation or wording by me

  • checking text references to citations in the references or bibliography sections and their formatting but not their accuracy or validity

  • highlighting repetition, inconsistencies, and over-long sentences or paragraphs. I can suggest solutions where possible

  • undertaking basic formatting such as deleting double spaces between words or sentences or correcting inconsistent use of single and double quotation marks.

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What is not usually included 

I will often not be permitted to carry out major formatting to improve visual appearance or hierarchy of headings, nor writing or rewriting. Based on the usual stipulations in university guidelines, I cannot usually be involved in the following:

x checking equations or calculations, or figures in tables or diagrams
x checking for factual errors
x rewriting to improve style or to reduce the word count
x creating a table of contents or reference list
x checking for plagiarism as it is your legal responsibility to avoid using someone else's writing and passing it off as your own
x checking that the content of your document meets your educational institution's guidelines, including word count.

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Image by Waldemar Brandt

Other information

  • Please allow plenty of time when sending documents for proofreading. A thorough, high-quality job requires sufficient time. For instance, 80,000 words cannot be properly proofread in a couple of days.

  • Payment is by credit or debit card before I start proofreading, using my PayPal account (you do not need your own PayPal account). You can either use the link on the Pricing & Payment page or I can send you a money request where you will click on the link to pay by card.

  • Although I handle most subjects, check my specialty proofreading subject areas.

1 / Enquire & submit

  • Contact me by email with details of document, word count and turnaround time to check availability and likely cost to agree terms with me,

  • When the final document version is ready, submit to me in MS Word format and settle agreed sum due by PayPal. See payment link on Proofreading services page or ask for me to send payment request. 

  • Be ready to promptly answer any emails I send you with urgent queries.

2 / Receiving your document back
  • I have completed the proofread. If you have agreed to pay an initial deposit at the outset with a final balancing sum when I have finished proofreading, you will be asked to settle this final sum by PayPal.

  • Receive the document back. 

3 / Your review your document
  •  The Track Changes tool will be switched on so you can review and either approve or reject my corrections. Deal with my queries or suggested rewordings I have raised in the margins.

  • Recheck the word count to ensure it falls within the limit and edit accordingly.

  • Hopefully you will be delighted with my work. If you are, please let your fellow students and academics know of my services.

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Some feedback from students 

"I really appreciate your work, and it has really helped. I will have 4 more works need  proofreading next month, if it is possible, may I ask you for long term cooperation?"

"Thank you for reviewing my essay. I am really happy with it."

"Brilliant, thanks so much for this Stephen. Hope to be contacting you again soon."

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