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Subject areas & media

I cover a wide range of subjects and media formats. If yours is not covered, please enquire.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Proofreading subject areas

​The following are the subject areas (specialties in bold) I have most experience in or have background knowledge of:

  • accounting (including bookkeeping, and cost, financial, general, and management accounting)

  • astronomy (general / popular / beginners), artificial satellites, space exploration, cosmology - I am an amateur astronomer, a member of the British Astronomical Association and the Society for Popular Astronomy, and a former visual observer for the Satellite Orbits Group at the Radio and Space Research Station, Slough

  • banking and investment

  • business and management (including organizational behaviour and strategic management)

  • commercial real estate / residential real estate 

  • economics and economic geography

  • education (primary, secondary, further, higher, business, professional, and vocational)

  • finance and financial risk

  • history (especially King Richard III, twentieth century and ancient Greek)

  • human resources and training

  • marketing and brand management

  • military and defence

  • philosophy

  • politics and current affairs

  • property management, including repairs and renewals, rates, rent, and insurance), building construction, surveying, and valuation

  • social and cultural studies, including poverty and social exclusion

  • theology and religion.

Library Shelves

Media handled

The following are examples of documents I will proofread:

  • advertising literature

  • books

  • brochures

  • CVs, letters, and applications

  • handbooks

  • distance learning materials

  • journals

  • magazines

  • reports

  • students' assignments, dissertations, essays, and theses.

(Files accepted in MS Word and PowerPoint, and PDF format.)

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